We simplify getting people together

Meeting Planner makes scheduling meetings and social meetups
easier so you can focus your time on what's really important.


One on one or group meetings

Simple to plan for two or large groups. Meeting Planner's strengths come out the more people you invite.

Fast and easy to use

If you know the date and time, you can send an invitation in 30 seconds. Our popup calendar and Google maps integration make it easy to suggest when and where to meet.


Eliminates annoying, time-consuming back and forth messaging by gathering feedback for dates, times and places from your participants.

Integrates with your calendar

Add events to any popular calendar such as Apple, Google, Yahoo and Outlook.

One step registration

Get started in seconds with our quick and easy sign up. Registering via Facebook, Google or LinkedIn is fastest.

Free for basic usage

Most of our features are do not require a paid subscription.


In person or virtual meetings

Supports scheduling face to face or telephone and web conferences. Collects contact details from participants for you.

Built-in discussion

Comment on your plans as you schedule or after your meeting. Updates are delivered to participants in timely efficient batches.


Completely customizable email and text-based reminders e.g. receive email reminders the day before and texts an hour before.

Maps and directions

Invitation for face to face meetings includes links to Google maps and driving directions. Virtual meetings include contact information.

Activity planning

For social meetups, you can suggest and choose from ideas for what to do e.g. coffee, drinks, movie ideas or bungee jumping.

Easy access for participants

Invitations are delivered to participants with secure authenticated web links. Participants don't need to register to view your invitation.

Running late notice

Maybe you're stuck in traffic or trying to park. Your same day reminder includes an automated link to notify them that you'll be a few minutes late.

Request meeting changes

Want to meet fifteen minutes later or maybe at that other place? Even after you've finalized the invitations, it's easy to request changes from organizers.

Works on all devices

Meeting Planner works well on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Our planning updates, invitations and email reminders are also designed to work with popular email services.


Invite via email or web link

We can deliver invitations with your participant's email addresses and you can also share a web link anywhere e.g. with your own email, website or Facebook, Twitter, et al.

Schedule with me page

You can share your personalized Meeting Planner web link providing others an easy way to schedule time with you.

Repeat meetings or reschedule

After scheduling one meeting, you can repeat it on a future day. Or, if you need to cancel, you can quickly reschedule with the same participants and place(s).

Multiple organizers

You can delegate organizational authority to multiple participants, giving others the ability to finalize or adjust the meeting plan.

Helps you finalize plans

During planning, Meeting Planner shows the most popular dates, times and places based on feedback from your participants.

Planning history

Every step of planning meetings is recorded in a log that's visible, available to show the entire history of changes by each participant.

Translated in 21 Languages

Meeting Planner is available in 21 languages, from English to Japanese, Polish to Hindi, Arabic to Chinese, et al.

Timezone handling

We make scheduling calls across timezones effortless by automatically determining each visitor's local timezone and converting dates and times for each participant.

Quick support response

It's easy to contact us and we typically answer questions within 15 minutes.