Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting Scheduling

How do I invite people to a meeting?

Currently, you can type or paste email addresses for your participants. After you schedule your first meeting, you can more quickly choose them from your address book.

How many people can I invite to a meeting?

Currently, you can invite 25 participants. However, we may adjust this when we turn on paid subscriptions.

Can I organize a phone call or conference call?

Yes, in the Place panel, just toggle the globe switch to the telephone side. You will see options for providing conference settings and call-in numbers.

What is the difference between Invite and Finalize?

Invite emails initial invitations to participants to gather information as to their availability for dates, times and places. Finalize the plan if you know (or once you decide) the date, time and place for your meeting. For phone calls, conference calls and web meetings, a place is not needed.

How do I add the meeting to my calendar?

On the meeting page, look for the cloud icon with the down arrow to download the schedule to either Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo! Calendar.

Can you change or modify a meeting after scheduling?

Yes, Meeting Planner provides a variety of options. Make Changes allows you to modify the subject, date, time, place et al. Reschedule allows you to cancel and reschedule the meeting for a different date and time. Cancel allows you to cancel the meeting. And, Request Changes provides an easy for participants to shift the time, ask for a different time or one of the alternative places. The organizers can review and approve the requests.

Will my participants be saved to an address book?

Yes, after you schedule your first meeting, your address book will be available for faster planning.

Does Meeting Planner save my favorite places to make scheduling easier?

Yes, after you schedule your first meeting, you will see a favorites option with your previous places.

Meeting Reminders

How do meeting reminders work?

After a meeting schedule is finalized, we send email reminders to the organizer and participants. You can adjust the frequency of reminders that you receive and also choose to receive reminders via SMS/text message. By default, we send one reminder 24 hours before a meeting and another one hour before.

Schedule with Me Web Page

What is a Schedule with Me profile page?

The Schedule With Me page allows people to visit a personalized web link and schedule a meeting with you. For example, you can set up and share the link with people. Then, they can initiate scheduling a meeting with you.

How do I create a Schedule with Me page?

Visit your user profile, update your username with your chosen Schedule with Me name. Then visit settings and ensure your Schedule with Me page is activated. Then begin sharing it.

Help and Support

How do I contact you for questions?

It's easy to contact us or you can email us.


Why is registration required?

We want to verify your identity before we begin delivering meeting invitations and reminders to participants. This helps prevent illegitmate meeting invitations and spam.

How do I verify my registration?

The easiest wasy is for you to authorize us to authenticate you via Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. This takes only one step. Alternately, you can provide your email address and we will send you a link to click to verify your account.