Cloudways Interviews Meeting Planner Founder Jeff Reifman

Cloud management hosting provider Cloudways interviewed Meeting Planner’s creator, Jeff Reifman. Here’s some of what they discussed when it came to building Meeting Planner into a fast online meeting scheduler:

My motivation to work on Meeting Planner began as a way to make scheduling simpler, using technology to eliminate the frustrating back and forth emails.

On how he jumpstarted his development skills to build the popup calendar for choosing meeting times:

Recently, I gave a meetup presentation on how I built the JQuery popup calendar for Meeting Planner. The date and time picker widgets I was using confused customers. Frankly, I didn’t think I had the skill to build a responsive, scrollable, popup calendar with drag and drop and sliders. Then one day, I just began breaking the tasks down and googling on line for one challenge at a time. How do you build a responsive, scrollable table with fixed headers and columns? How do you do drag and drop with table cells? How do you get mobile touch events to work with JQuery UI? It took a week or so and a couple of overnight hacking sessions, but the results has made Meeting Planner incredibly faster and easier to use.

On his appreciation of Google search and open source contributors:

I wouldn’t be able to do this work without Google and the generous openness and willingness to share of programmers around the world. I feel even more appreciative of open source contributors (there are some excellent Yii extension offerings). Recently, I wrote about the open source foundation that Meeting Planner relies on.

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Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is the founder of Meeting Planner and a technological consultant and writer living in the Pacific Northwest.