10 Reasons to Schedule with Meeting Planner

When we launched Meeting Planner, our goal was to make scheduling simple for you. Here are ten reasons to schedule your next meeting with us:

  1. You’re tired of the hassle of scheduling meetings, especially group meetings.scheduling should not be a hassle
  2. We deliver invitations and reminders for you so you don’t have to.
  3. Our invitations include maps, directions and calendar events for Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo calendars.calendar integration
  4. Our scheduling wizard makes planning your meetings simple and intuitive.
  5. Suggesting times with our innovative calendar interface is the fastest date and time selector on the Internet.
  6. Suggesting places is easy with our Google Places integration. We support phone calls, conference calls and web chats too.suggest locations with google places
  7. We translate time zones automatically for all of your meeting participants. And, we also have a time zone helper so you can more easily find the best time for meetings.
  8. You can share a personalized “Schedule With Me” page with your contacts to make it easy for them to schedule with you.
  9. We provide translations in 21 languages including French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean andArabic.
  10. We welcome your feedback, respond quickly and take your input seriously.

Well, you know what to do …

schedule a meeting


Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is the founder of Meeting Planner and a technological consultant and writer living in the Pacific Northwest.