Better than Doodle at Scheduling Meeting Times

Here’s a side by side video of suggesting meeting times in Meeting Planner vs. Doodle Polls:

We’ve all run into problems finding the right time for everyone to meet. Some user interfaces make this easier than others.

Meeting Planners scrollable, touch on, touch off calendar is easier and faster to use than doodle (or any competitor’s) scheduling service.

Here’s a larger image of our meeting calendar on desktops. You can just drag the bottom slider to change the duration of your meeting.

better than doodle

Selecting times is better than doodle with Meeting Planner

Give meeting scheduling a try at Meeting Planner.

If you haven’t tried our scheduling wizard yet, it’s so easy. Here’s a quick look at it below:

meeting scheduler wizard

Try our new meeting scheduler wizard

If you have any questions, you can contact us here.


Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is the founder of Meeting Planner and a technological consultant and writer living in the Pacific Northwest.