Definition of a Meeting Planner

What is a Meeting Planner?

Traditionally, the meeting planner definition refers to an event planner who manages the planning and operation of major events such as trade shows, conventions, nonprofit gatherings and more. Work as a meeting planner begins months before the events, for the days the event occurs and for months following up with vendors and attendees on their experience. Conventions and conferences require the tremendous planning and execution skills of excellent meeting planners.

In the corporate world, the definition of a meeting planner may specify communication and logistics for planning business meetings, telephone calls and group conference calls. Finding times and places for group meetings can be quite challenging and that’s where Meeting Planner’s meeting scheduler provides great benefits.

meeting planner definition

What is the definition of a meeting planner?

Using Meeting Planner, you suggest times and places for your event and either share the invitation yourself or provide participants’ emails so that our service can deliver them for you. The service makes it easy for participants to share their availability so that you can choose the optimal time (and often, place) for the meeting.

If you’re a meeting planner coordinating the time of international participants, Meeting Planner manages the changes across timezones for you. Each participant sees the meeting invitation in their own timezone and language.

Just as a good meeting planner is competent in multiple languages, Meeting Planner offers 21 translations, from French to Chinese, Arabic to German, and many more.

Meeting Planner also provides access to convenient time zone planning tools. Find the best time across multiple time zones for your meeting. And, check what time it is in all the target cities.

Our goal is to be the definition of a meeting planner’s number one tool.

If you’re seeking a career as a meeting planner, learn more at the U.S. Bureau of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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