The History of Our Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Planner began as a coding tutorial called How to Build Your Startup in PHP. Basically, I scribbled ideas for making scheduling a meeting easier and reducing the hassle involved. I wanted to get rid of the back and forth email and text messaging to common in picking times and places. I pitched Envato Tuts+,

uber conference i'm on hold music

Hold Music Waiting for Scheduled Uber Conference Calls

Recently, I participated in an Uber Conference meeting. I arrived early and was amused by the company’s hold music for timely meeting attendees, “I’m on Hold” by Alex Cornell. Take a listen. Apparently, Cornell was a cofounder and creative director at Uber Conference. Talk about putting yourself out there as a founder. It remind me

What is the subject of your meeting?

10 Reasons to Schedule with Meeting Planner

When we launched Meeting Planner, our goal was to make scheduling simple for you. Here are ten reasons to schedule your next meeting with us: You’re tired of the hassle of scheduling meetings, especially group meetings. We deliver invitations and reminders for you so you don’t have to. Our invitations include maps, directions and calendar

FaceTime Video Conference

Apple FaceTime Group Chats with Up to 32 People

At its Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple announced FaceTime will support video conference with up to 32 people. This will be awesome for small social video conferences as well as group video conference calls for businesses with iPhones, iPads and Macs. Sadly, it won’t work with Android and Windows users at this time. I’ve appreciated

doodle polls

Better than Doodle at Scheduling Meeting Times

Here’s a side by side video of suggesting meeting times in Meeting Planner vs. Doodle Polls: We’ve all run into problems finding the right time for everyone to meet. Some user interfaces make this easier than others. Meeting Planners scrollable, touch on, touch off calendar is easier and faster to use than doodle (or any


Introducing our new meeting scheduler wizard

Our goal at Meeting Planner is to simplify scheduling group meetings, one on one meetings and social get togethers. Today, we’re announcing our new meeting scheduler wizard: Based on our experience with customers and feedback, we rebuilt our planning interface to operate step by step. The example above demonstrates scheduling a group meeting with a


Founder Jeff Reifman Discusses Amazon HQ2 with CBC Eyeopener

Meeting Planner CEO and founder Jeff Reifman spoke with David Gray of the CBC Calgary EyeOpener about Amazon HQ2. The episode aired September 27th, 2017 (jump to 6m 40s). We can’t embed the CBC player on our https website. But, you can listen to the podcast here: To learn more about Amazon’s first headquarters’

Best meeting planner founder interviewed

Cloudways Interviews Meeting Planner Founder Jeff Reifman

Cloud management hosting provider Cloudways interviewed Meeting Planner’s creator, Jeff Reifman. Here’s some of what they discussed when it came to building Meeting Planner into a fast online meeting scheduler: My motivation to work on Meeting Planner began as a way to make scheduling simpler, using technology to eliminate the frustrating back and forth emails.

world time converter

World Time Converter for Planning Meetings

We’ve launched a world time converter to help you plan meeting times in various countries. For example, if you are planning a conference call for August 19th at 9:30 am and need to know what time that is in London and Dubai (it’s 5:30 pm BST and 8:30 pm GST), visit our time zone planner.

best way to plan meetings

We liked these BlueQ Socks: “This meeting is bull****”

While we’re the best at planning meetings and helping people get together, we can’t help you with the doldrums of actually sitting in those meetings. Is anyone actually paying attention or is everyone texting someone under the table? These BlueQ Socks give you a quiet sense of resistance to this legacy of professional team communication.

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