Meeting Planner Jobs

Meeting planner jobs are in demand. Corporations need meeting planners to plan and manage their product launches, conferences, membership gatherings and annual meetings.

Meeting planner jobs rank #20 in Best Business Jobs by US News.

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Meeting planner jobs list

These jobs pay well up to and over $90,000 for successful planners.

If you want to apply for a meeting planning job, you should be outgoing, super organized, creative, positive and a great communicator. You should have both leadership and delegation as key skills.

Career Builder calls meeting planning one of the top jobs of 2013:


Looking for Meeting Planner Jobs

Most career websites have great listings for meeting planner job opportunities.

All of these sites allow you to search for meeting planner jobs in your hometown city or around the world.

You may also wish to search for event coordinator jobs. Here’s a video called “Event Planning – The Worst and Best Job in the World” by the Event Manager Blog:

Meeting planner associations also have job boards. Check out the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) career page.

Similarly, the essential Meeting Planner International offers its own job search and career hub.