Hold Music Waiting for Scheduled Uber Conference Calls

Recently, I participated in an Uber Conference meeting. I arrived early and was amused by the company’s hold music for timely meeting attendees, “I’m on Hold” by Alex Cornell. Take a listen.

Apparently, Cornell was a cofounder and creative director at Uber Conference. Talk about putting yourself out there as a founder. It remind me of how Airbnb founders designed and sold custom cereal boxes to pay off their credit card loans.

Not everyone likes Cornell’s singing:

comment on I'm on hold music

Comment on I’m on Hold for an Uber Conference music

One feature we’ve added is making it easier to schedule your Uber Conference calls at Meeting Planner. Just go to https://meetingplanner.io/schedule/uber or https://meetingplanner.io/schedule/uberconference. You can also schedule your conferences for Skype, BlueJeans and Zoom Conference.

The links preconfigure our meeting scheduler to conference calls for these services and you just place in the details of your dialing codes or account names within the wizard.

We’ll be expanding this service and improving it over time.

Update: Jonathan Song A Day Mann let me know that he wrote the jingles for the Airbnb Cereal Boxes, ObamaO’s and Cap’n McCain’s. He gave me this link but I couldn’t get it working. Here’s a graphic from the site:

Airbnb credit card debts obama cereal boxes

Airbnb ObamaO’s Cereal Boxes


Posted by Jeff Reifman

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