Introducing our new meeting scheduler wizard

Our goal at Meeting Planner is to simplify scheduling group meetings, one on one meetings and social get togethers. Today, we’re announcing our new meeting scheduler wizard:

meeting scheduler

Try our new meeting scheduler wizard

Based on our experience with customers and feedback, we rebuilt our planning interface to operate step by step. The example above demonstrates scheduling a group meeting with a known time and place.

Basically, you’re asked for the What, Who, When and Where and then we deliver invitations to your participants via email. As you can see, we integrate with all the common calendar systems so events can be quickly added.

Of course, Meeting Planner strengths show up when you need to solicit the group’s feedback on when and where to meet. We didn’t animate that scenario because the file size gets too large.

In those instances, we send invitations to your participants asking them to share their preferences for times and dates … and if you choose they can suggest their own or make the final choices.

We also support phone calls and web conference calls.

Feel free to ask us questions about our service.

Meeting Planner is coded in the Yii Framework in PHP. We recorded the animated demo above using Camtasia 3’s video editor and screencast generator.



Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is the founder of Meeting Planner and a technological consultant and writer living in the Pacific Northwest.