Meeting Planner Now Supports Eleven Languages

Scheduling in Eleven Languages

Schedule in any of eleven languages

Welcome! Today, we’re announcing the availability of Meeting Planner and Simple Planner in eleven languages. Our goal is to make scheduling easier for everyone and so we’re excited that people in many new countries will be able to schedule meetings and get togethers with us.

When on the home page, just click the flag drop down to select the language of your choice:

schedule meetings

Click the flag to choose a language

As you can see, we support: English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Chinese. Please try it out and spread the word to your international friends.

Once you’re signed up or logged in, you’ll find the flag on the footer, out of the way of your scheduling activities.

If you’re not familiar with Meeting Planner, we make scheduling easy. Choose dates, times and places together with your colleagues and friends and then we manage the email reminders, maps and directions. No more dreaded email chains. Try it!

How did a startup like ours translate their scheduling service into eleven languages? We automated the use of the Google Translation API. I wrote about this concept as part of our Building Your Startup series.

Using the Google Translation isn’t perfect and there are still areas to polish but we’re very excited with the results. We encourage you to give us feedback or ask questions.




Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is the founder of Meeting Planner and a technological consultant and writer living in the Pacific Northwest.